What Keeps Homes From Being Sold?  Even in hot marketing like today, some homes just take time to sell. In fact, they can sit for years while homeowners just scratch their heads wondering why?

Selling houses needs the agent and sellers to have a certain kind of experience. It is a fact that houses cannot always be sold on the spur of the moment and in days. This does happen, but nationwide it is rare. It needs proper planning and there is always a cohesive way to go about it. 

One of the other hassles that those who need to sell their house need to go through are the legal and technical formalities that form such an important part of the whole process. The legal paperwork that selling a house involves is far greater than you can imagine. It…

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Setting the stage is all part of the selling game when selling a home! Even when the market is hot, staging is part of the allure for multiple offers.

Apart from getting a large number of buyers so that the seller can strike a good bargain, it is also equally important for the seller that his house gets sold off quickly. It is important to increase the demand so that the market can get more lucrative. 

This is the primary reason why professional real estate agents are fast hiring, or themselves turning into ‘staging professionals’. They are specialized to do such a job. And indeed, the sellers see the difference in the demand for their property and the price that is coming in, before and after the staging professional has done his job. 


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