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It’s hard to run a successful business without adopting the latest and best technology that’s available. 

Your rental property is a business, and you can lease, manage, and maintain that business more efficiently when you leverage the technology that’s available. 

At Oceans Managing Group, we’re taking care of rental properties in Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach, and across Volusia County. We’ve invested in some of the most innovative tools and platforms that are available. It keeps costs down for our owners and it allows us to get more done on behalf of you, your property, and your tenants. 

Here’s why and how technology makes such a difference. 

Lower Vacancy and Higher Rents with Leasing Technology

Access to technology is especially valuable…

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The guest experience keeps you in business when you’re renting out a vacation home. The reviews left by your visitors will tell potential renters whether they really want to stay in your place while they’re visiting Florida’s Atlantic coast. 

This is why you want to furnish your property attractively and comfortably. The right furniture and creature comforts will lead to a positive guest experience and a vacation rental that’s in high demand. 

Here’s how to furnish that vacation rental to keep your guests happy.

Comfortable, Functional Furniture in Your Daytona Beach Vacation Rental 

You want your vacation rental to look inviting, welcoming, and relaxing. The furniture should match that aesthetic. 

It should also be functional. 

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You’ve invested a lot of money in your rental property, and you continue investing in its condition so you can attract the best tenants and earn the highest rents. 

Protecting your property from potential damages is best done through regular inspections, preventative maintenance, and great tenant selection. 

You also need insurance. 

Here’s how the right insurance policies protect you and your property from damage that can be caused by your tenant or unforeseen events. 

Owners Need a Strong Landlord Policy

Protection starts with the right insurance policy. A homeowner’s insurance policy will not cover you when you’re renting out a home. Instead, you need coverage that’s specific to income-producing properties like your rental.  


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What to Know About Volusia County Schools System

When considering buying a home, many who have children or plan on raising a family seek communities with good public schools. In Volusia County, Florida, schools are zoned by zip code, and your child(ren) will be assigned to a school according to where you live.

Here is a list of schools in Volusia County. Depending on where you are looking to buy, also consider the schools.

Daytona Beach Schools

Palm Terrace Elementary School
1825 Dunn Ave
(386) 274-3430

R. J. Longstreet Elementary School
2745 S Peninsula Dr
(386) 756-7280

Turie T. Small Elementary School
800 South St
(386) 239-6340

Westside Elementary School
1210 Jimmy Ann Dr
(386) 274-3400

Campbell Middle School
625 S Keech St
(386) 239-6250

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Daytona Beach Property Managers and Real Estate Agents – Referral Programs that Work for Both

Daytona Beach Property Managers and Real Estate Agents - Referral Programs that Work for Both - Article Banner

Property managers and real estate agents work within the same industry, but we each focus on different parts of that industry. We aren’t necessarily competitors, and that’s why we think it helps when agents and management companies work together. We enjoy partnering with our preferred network of agents when their clients need professional Daytona Beach property management. 

Making referrals is beneficial to agents, too. It can help you build your real estate business and hold onto your valued clients. 

 Referrals When Your Client Can’t Sell

The current market is certainly advantageous for sellers, but we know that things can shift…

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Most rental property owners in Ormond Beach understand the importance of screening tenants in order to protect their investment. What you might not know is that proper screening does more than just protect your rental home. It also increases your ROI.

A well-screened and highly qualified tenant will always contribute to a better rental experience. That outstanding resident will also help you earn more on your investment property.


Good Screening Leads to On-Time Rental Payments

Achieving the ROI you want requires that rent is consistently paid on time.

Good tenants do that.

When you’re screening for your next renter, always make rent payments a priority.…

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Many owners choose our services because they simply do not have the time, desire, or experience to manage their own investment property or deal with the seemingly endless day-to-day tenant issues.

We are local and experienced, which means our ability to respond is fast and thorough.

We also work with investors who need professional property management simply because this avoids involving a friend, associate, or relative, who may be willing and able to keep an eye on the property, but doesn’t have the legal knowledge, expertise, or vendor relationships that are crucial.

Many clients elect to retain us simply to avoid the necessity of their personal involvement with…

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