Joanna Rajendran
Certified Real Estate Realtor®

Direct: (914) 320-3629

Office: (386) 455-0830

Address: 3162 South Atlantic Avenue Daytona Beach Shore, FL 32118


Website: The Luxe Group


My name is Joanna Rajendran and I’m in love with this area!  Originally from New York, my husband and I spontaneously relocated to Florida with our 2 kids.  His family bought a vacation home in Ponce Inlet 20 years ago.  We came for what we thought would be a short stay and loved it so much that we moved. 

With a real estate attorney for a dad, I was literally born to help people find their dream homes and/or their ideal buyers.  I love working with people, helping them turn these dreams into their reality.  I draw from my experience of owning two successful businesses and am driven to provide incredible service filled with love and enthusiasm.  I am also a yoga instructor who was personally certified and mentored by the world’s oldest yoga teacher.  Her guidance inspired me to do all things to be of service and make the world better.  I am also the proud author of the book My Guru Wears Heels.  My life’s mission is to help as many people as possible to live their BEST LIFE EVER and in real estate, to do so in their BEST HOME EVER!

You can also visit my website at The Luxe Group.