William Hilliard
Certified Real Estate Realtor®

Direct: (865) 680-6823

Office: (386) 455-0830

Address: 3162 South Atlantic Avenue Daytona Beach Shore, FL 32118

Email: williamhilliard34@gmail.com 



Born in the beautiful foothills of the Smokey Mountains in Jefferson City, Tennessee, William Hilliard is the true example of Southern Hospitality. His love for school and passion for community outreach landed him a full ride to Berea College in Kentucky.

William worked in the hospitality industry for over a decade where he made sure to take the time to learn every aspect as well as every position. He quickly realized his greatest asset to the industry was with any position working directly with customers and customer service. 

In 2017 he took a leap of faith when Svetlana and David Fletcher asked him to join their team at Worldwide Liquidators and help grow the company. Over the next five years while managing multiple locations he excelled at marketing and advertising, using those skills to take the company to new heights and giving him the opportunity to work with homeowners 1 on 1, from residential to investment properties. During his time with Worldwide, the enjoyment of Interior Decorating and knowledge from the furniture industry gave way for him to open his own thriving decorating business focusing on vacation rentals. In 2019 he was given a promotion of a lifetime for him because it not only landed him in the Sunshine state but it gave him the opportunity to focus on his dream of being a real estate agent. When asked “What’s next now that you have achieved your dream” William's response is “You never achieve anything you love or dream of because you dream every night and you gain new love daily, all you do is realize there is more to learn and more to love.”

It is often joked about that William could sell ice to an Eskimo but the truth be told he would not only sell it to them but sell it to them for the rest of their life. If you are in search of a Realtor that will always put your needs and wants first William is your one. If you want someone that will put in 28 hours a day if that is what it takes and get his hands dirty to get it done for you William is the one. If you want someone that can sell your house, help you get your next home, and help you purchase your first investment/ vacation property William is the one.